ABC's of classroom...

A is for…
Attendance: The majority of our learning takes place together in class. We do lots of hands on activities and group work. Please make sure they're here.
Absences: Please call ahead if your child will be out of school for the day.Especially if they are showing signs of being sick. 
Assessments: I will be assessing your child’s progress several times throughout the year to keep you informed and to guide instruction.
B is for…
Birthdays: We will be a treat free school this year. We will celebrate your child in the classroom on their special day!
Breakfast: Remember all Center Line students receive free breakfast if wanted.
C is for…
Clothing: Please send an extra set of clothing for your children for those “just in case” days.
Cell Phones: Kinders do not need a cell phone with them. Please do NOT send one in. I will keep until end of day or call for a parent to come get it. 
Communication: Good communication is vital to a great year. Please stay in contact when there are concerns, questions, or suggestions. Please use their agenda, my email, or leave a message.
Classbooks: We will be making classbooks to be shared by all families. Please look for these to be coming home soon. 
Cover: remind your child to cover their coughs, sneezes and yawns. 
Contact numbers: Make sure ALL numbers and members are up to date! 

D is for…
Dismissal: I will walk the “walkers” out and dismiss them to their parents at 3:55. Any child not released to a parent/guardian, will be taken to the office. If there is a change in how they are going home, PLEASE let me know ahead of time.
Distance: We will encourage and reinforce social distance when in the classroom. 
E is for…
Email: Please feel free to email me throughout the year. It is the fastest way to get a hold of me during the day and after school hours. My email is [email protected] Send me your email so I can create my class group to inform you all of changes and "happenings".
Emergencies: Please make sure all contacts are updated. If phone numbers or names have changed, please send the correct information into the office or to me.
F is for…
Footwear: Please make sure your Kinders are wearing the proper shoes to school. NO sandals or flip flops. Tennis shoes/gym shoes for gym days.
G is for…
Gym: The Kinders will have gym 2-3x a week. Please make sure they have the correct shoes on these days and the girls are correctly dressed.
Guided Reading: Small groups of 4 to 5 students will be met with to work on specific skills needed. This will help all students move forward with their reading abilities.
H is for…
Hands-on: I feel the best way to learn is by doing, so the majority of our learning is hands-on. We are almost always moving around.
Hand sanitizer: We will be using hand sanitizer regularly during our day.
Hand washing: We will encourage and utilize hand washing multiple times during the day. 

I is for…
Independence: One of the most important ideas Kindergarten works on is being independent. They will be encouraged to be as responsible as they can. This means: zipping, buttoning, trying to tie, putting on coats and hats, shoes-all for themselves. Please encourage them to be doing this at home also.
J is for…
Join: Join the Crother’s PTC. Stay involved with the school and your child’s education. Kindergarten is the time to get involved.
Journals: Kinders will start writing in Journals right away!! these are a great place to see their progress, for them to see their progress, and a great place to store ideas!! We will use "free time" journals to encourage creativity. 
K is for…
Kindness: Students in our classroom are encouraged and expected to use kind words and respect towards others in our class and in the school. Bugging others, bullying, persistent bothering, or interrupting the learning will not be permitted.
Keep Mrs. Snyder informed: I truly care about the children I teach. I am concerned when they are sick, I am excited when there is a new family member and I am a cheerleader for them when needed at a game or any other event. I need to know ahead of time to make time in my schedule if I can.
L is for…
Label: Label everything. This is very important this year.
Learning Centers: We have centers in the morning and afternoon. The morning ones are Literacy based and in the afternoon are math/science/ social studies based. The children work independently, mostly.
Lunch: We have lunch around 11:30 in our day. Please make sure all lunchboxes are labeled and hot lunch money is labeled when sent in.
M is for…
Masks: Every child will need to have a mask. All staff will wear them too. The school will have additional masks if needed.
Money: Anytime you send in money, please send it in an envelope with: child’s name, the amount, what it’s for, and classroom. This makes it easier just in case it gets lost. I will collect all lunch money in the morning so they aren’t having to carry it with them to lunch.
Math: We will be using Math Expressions. It is a combination of hands-on and pencil-paper.
Movement breaks: We will have many more breaks this year. This will allow us to take breaks from our masks too since most will be outside. 
N is for…
Newsletters: I will send home a weekly newsletter that will give you updates about our classroom.
Notes: Please send a note if there is anything you feel I need to know. Please use the agenda, folder or send them in an envelope.
O is for…
Open communication: Please let me know if you have ANY questions or concerns regarding your child throughout the year. I feel it is our job to work together as partners to help your child have a successful first year. I am always available through email 7 days a week.
Open House: Please attend Open House to hear what is in-store for your Kinder this year. You will hear lots of information! This year it will be a virtual Open House. 
P is for…
Procedures: We learn MANY procedures in Kindergarten. These are set so that every child has the best opportunity to learn and grow.
Progress reports: These will come home several times this year. They will chart your child’s growth in literacy, math, social skills, and citizenship.
“Potty"/puddles/paint spills : Sometimes there are accidents so please make sure you have sent in extra clothes to avoid the phone call home.
Patience: we all need to use patience this year. This is a unique year for us all. 
Q is for…
Quick good byes: Please say all good byes quickly so there will be dry eyes.
Questions: Remember, I am usually available for answering questions on most days. Email works the best.
R is for…
Read: Reading to your child everyday will enforce those skills we’re working on in class.
Recess: We go out for recess everyday except when it’s raining or below 15 degrees. Please send your child in appropriate clothing.
S is for…
Snack: We will have snack time in the afternoon. I provide snack, unless you are able to send a class set in. We will snack and work at the same time so something small is best. Please put snack in a place they can find it easily in their backpacks.
Snow: We will go outside to play in the snow once it snows, so please send appropriate gear that they are able to put on themselves.
Snowdays: Stay tuned to the news stations and radio for information regarding snowdays. We are usually one of the last school districts added.
Supplies: This year, our district is providing individual supply bags for every child. No additional supplies are needed unless we run out.  
T is for…
Transportation: If there are any changes in your child’s transportation, please let me know in writing. Kindergartners become confused easily at times and relay incorrect information. No written communication-I will send your child home the usual way.
Toys: Bringing toys to school is discouraged because they distract the children from learning. If they are brought, I will keep them until the end of the day. If brought again, I will keep again until a parent can pick up.
Tardies: Tardy bell is 9:05. Please be here on time. Leaving early also counts as a tardy. 3 tardies equal an absence.
U is for…
Unique children: Every child is unique and develops at their own pace. In Kindergarten we learn how we are unique and special, and celebrate our differences and similarities.
Understanding: Your understanding is appreciated when you remember that your children are my number one priority during the school day. I will work my hardest to ensure the success of your children and enforce their safety.
V is for…
Visitors: We welcome visitors anytime. Please check in the office first.
Volunteers: We LOVE volunteers!! Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome in our room or at home. Let me know if you’d like to help out.
W is for…
Website: Our website is usually updated every 2 weeks or so. There are 2 sites. The 1st one is at Crothers-then Academic support- then Kindergarten- then Mrs. Snyder. The 2nd one is at Both have lots of information. Check them out!!
Writing: Our focus for this year will be writing 2-3 connected complete thoughts. We are expected to be writing our sight words correctly along with correct sentence structure.
X, Y and Z is for…
eXcited: I’m eXcited for another year working with this great group of Kiddos! I LOVE teaching Kindergarten.
You: You are a very important part of this year. Please read to your child, encourage your child, don’t let them tell you we did “nothing” in school. Stay informed.
ZZZZZ: Make sure they get plenty of sleep. Keep a regular bedtime routine. They should be getting 9-10 hours of sleep a night. Sounds like a lot, but our days are jam packed and they need all the energy they can get!