Our curriculum

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What are we doing this year??
Well: this year we have a new phonics curriculum along with our newer phonemic awareness curriculum. We will do our best to make this year fun for all!
So what's happening in Kindergarten in the first 2 months?
  • We will be assessed using KRA, assessment is from state of Michigan. 
  • We will all be assessed for phonemic awareness, letters/sounds, and counting.
  • We will discover our letters and their sounds, rhyming, beginning and ending sounds, writing our names, counting to 50 consistently, 2D shapes and number sense to 20, rules/procedures/responsibility, our new friends names, and more. 
  • We will work on learning about words.
  • We will be reading patterned books, writing using labels and details. 
  • We will learn how to be independent workers. 
  • We will discover ways to be a communicator and a leader. 
Obviously Literacy is the foundation for our future readers, starting in Kindergarten.

In Kindergarten we will learn about the letters and the sounds the make. We will be rhyming, identifying rhymes, and creating new rhymes. We will learn how to "decode" a story by using the pictures, beginning sounds, word chunks, and what makes sense. To help us do all of this we will incorporate phonics instruction, big book stories, guided reading, and utilizing "Reader's Workshop".

For writing we will learn how to use sounds of letters to help us write the words. We will learn how to spell sight words, identify and use punctuation, write a complete thought, and make our pictures and words match. We will utilize journals, handwriting instruction, and "Writer's Workshop" to help us become better writers.
children reading This is my favorite website for reading games! Check it out here.
Parents: The English Language Arts standards can be found here.
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​RAZ kids. This is a great reading app. It can be used on tablets, phones, or computers. Students read books, have them read to them, and answer questions. They earn points for every activity they complete.
​Connect to RAZ kids today!

our class is: ksnyder17
Our biggest focus for Math in Kindergarten is number sense.
We are the main foundation for the remaining years of school. We will learn how to count, skip count, identify numbers, identify sets, compare numbers & sets, identify & compose shapes, add & subtract, use data, and basic measurement concepts.

​We will do all of this by having whole group lessons, small group work, and working in centers. Majority of our math work will be hands on. Meaning we will be moving things around, building the "concepts", showing amounts.
math clip artCool math games and helpful tutorials can be found here.
Parents: The Math standards can be found here. 
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Don't forget ST math!! you can login via the Crothers webpage, under apps for students. All students have their own password that will follow them all the way to 2nd grade. Or Click on Jiji the penguin to go to ST Math!
Science: Our concepts for science this year center around a theme. We will start with exploring and understanding our basic 5 senses. We will discover requirements of life, followed by living vs non living, a year long study of weather and climate, and finally forces & motion. We have lots of fun in Kindergarten. Our concepts are taught whole group accompanied by center work. We are very hands on for science. We may not always go in the order above, but rest assured, we are always learning! We will also conduct several STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) projects along with PBL (project based learning). 
science, beakersAwesome science lessons and videos can be found here!
Parents: The Science standards can be found here
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Social studies: In Kindergarten our biggest focus is rules, understanding how to work together, and being a friend. We will also learn about maps & globes, needs & wants, basic economics (trade, exchange of $), American symbols. Again our concepts are taught whole group. We will conduct lots of group projects and be hands on.
book, globeThis site has many different facts for you to find out! See it here!
Parents: The Social Studies standards can be found  here
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