Our Day

class schedule with clock clipart           What does a day look like now? 
Our days/schedules will change with how our building is working this year. We will have literacy in the morning, writing-math-science-social studies in the afternoon along with specials. 
We will try to have the basic format everyday:
morning meeting, fine motor centers, shared reading-phonemic awareness, centers-individual practice, phonics, lunch, read aloud, writing, math, specials, science/social studies, centers-individual practice, home. 
More info below for each specific area. 

Television with the newsWe start our day with the morning announcements, breakfast, and an activity to "Wake up"" our brain. Everyday we will try to use a different activity that will focus on a different skill. The goal is to improve our fine motor skills, printing skills, cutting skills, hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination skills, matching skills, and more. Fine motor drawers have started. We will use these through out the year to improve our grip. 




Literacy Block: **Reader's Workshop time. Here we will work in small

teacher at table

groups at choice centers, meet with Mrs. Snyder, work with parent

volunteers, and begin to read independently. 









girl reading

We will also have a shared reading time which is when we will read a Big Book  story. These will help us understand story elements, concepts of print, phonemic awareness, the alphabetic principle, and how words work.




**Writer's Workshop: depending on our time (am or pm) will have us practicing our printing skills first then we will be learning how to write words, label pictures an finally write sentences about a picture to tell a story. Lots of cool things will be happening here before the end of the year!!



children on playground



Lunch time starts with eating in gym first then followed by recess. I am not outside with them during recess. We are responsible to clean up after ourselves, use our indoor voices, and eat only our food.




Calendar activities are next. this is an important part of kindergartenboy and calendar

since many of of our social skills are learned here along with phonics,

concepts of print, number sense, and more. We will learn how to spell the days of the week, number formation, how to tally, about money, and keep a count of the days in school. We will also read through our morning message, discuss the agenda for the day, read over the days objectives, and check in with me.




girl with numbersMath time will be in the afternoon. We will have a whole group lesson and math centers. Centers will focus on skills that need more work such as: counting, sorting, one to one. However they will get harder as the year continues: addition, subtraction, place value.





Science and social studies take place after our specials. We will learn scientistabout

force and motion, requirements of life, ourselves, family, staying healthy, and much more.