April clipart
Wow, it is already mid-April. We have had so much fun so far this year. It's been a great year  so far. We have a lot of learning left to do. 

We are headed into the final stretch. Quarter 4 is well under way. We will start NWEA in May. Everyday is super important. There is so much learning to still happen. 

Please make sure your kiddo is dressed for the weather every day, including sending in a sweater, sweat jacket for use in the classroom. Yes, the weather is getting nicer, but it isn't shorts weather quite yet. 
We still have lots of running noses, coughs, and sore throats going around. Remind your kiddos to cough into their sleeves, use a tissue for their noses, and to use hand sanitizer. 

This upcoming month of Kindergarten. 
~adding the letter y, z, short vowel review
~high frequency words: all, read, for, finds, was, too
~measurement (length, height, weight)
~learning about characters
~personal narrative writing
~living and non living 
There is a lot going on in the next few weeks.
Keep eyes on emails and texts from Mr. P., the calendars that get sent home, and my newsletters. 
Reminder: If you have questions or concerns, email me. [email protected]  
Love, Mrs. Snyder
23-24 Theme: We are "Owlsome" in Kindergarten
view of classroom
view of classroom picture of classroom door view of classroom  ceiling tile painting
view of classroom ceiling tile painting
view of classroom view of classroom  view of classroom view of classroom
view of covered windows ceiling tile painting     
ceiling tile painting ceiling tile painting
22-23 school year Classroom set up: We put the K i n d in Kindergarten
21-22 school year:  Turtley Awesome in Kindergarten
Dates to know:
Apr. 17: Early Release
May 1: Early Release
May 6: NWEA starts
May 15: Early Release
May 24-27: Memorial weekend break
May 29: Early Release
May 29: Panda Family Night
May 31: Field day
June 11: Kindergarten Celebration ceremony