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Crothers is a NUT- and FISH-FREE school!  Please do not send any food items with nuts or fish to school with your child.  Thank you!
Budget Salary MI School

School of Choice - Open NOW through Aug. 22!

Center Line Public Schools is a limited school-of-choice district (Macomb County residents only). The school district will be accepting School of Choice applications through Aug. 22 (4pm).

Unlimited Kindergarten openings; limited openings in grades 1-12:
1st (26), 2nd (17), 3rd (34), 4th (16), 5th (18), 6th (20), 7th (25), 8th (30), 9th(30),10th (25),11th (20),12th (25)

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Principal Byrn in front of paper turkey with two students who won turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Crothers' turkey pluck winners!

Seated elementary students wearing red fire hats with three standing high school students in full firefighting gear.

CLHS firefighting students share fire safety tips with Crothers' students.

Students performing Goldilocks & the three bears - the chair scene.

Re-enacting Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Three kindergarten students making leaf paint prints on shirts.

Kindergartners making their leaf shirts.

7 students presenting an art project to two board of education members.

Crothers' students presenting their Pinwheels for Peace art project to Board of Education members.

8 students working on robotics at a table.

Our robotics team at work!

Students in Halloween costumes next to Crothers' panda mascot.

Crothers' Panda visits with kids during Trunk or Treat.

Principal's Message

Principal's Message Image
Welcome to Crothers Elementary and our new website!  We are very happy to have you as part of our school family.  It is our desire that we communicate with all families the goals that drive everything we do and how they can work with us to reach these goals.  One way of doing this is to use this website as a way to become familiar with Crothers' staff, fun events, academic progress, and all other areas of the school environment.   

Promoting success academically is the driving force behind all decisions we make.  We provide supports for students who are struggling academically and are providing opportunities for students who are excelling.  A focus on problem solving, applying learning, and open-ended learning activities allows students to stretch their thinking as far as they can.  Reading Workshop, Math Pentathlon, and Robotics using the Engineering design are three examples of learning at all levels of ability and challenges that are available to all Crothers' students.  

Leadership is a driving force at Crothers.  We teach and encourage student leadership in all areas of life by providing opportunities for students to model appropriate behavior in many situations.  Some students are serving as leaders on the playground as they work with younger students to teach them how to appropriately handle conflict and play in an inclusive manner.  Other students are serving through many different important responsibilities that help our school run smoothly and keep all students safe. 

Effectively managing our emotions is another area of focus at Crothers.  There is a real focus on maintaining or regaining a calm state of mind for all students and staff.  We know that learning can happen only when one is in an “executive” state of mind, meaning they are calm and in control of their emotions.  In that effort, students know and use many calming and breathing strategies to maintain their sense of calm. 

Crothers Elementary is a great place to be.  You will find the staff to be warm and welcoming while they work very hard to help your child reach the greatest amount of success possible.  The families at Crothers are supportive of the school and have an active Parent/Teacher Committee (PTC) that provides many fun events and opportunities for our students.  Our staff believes in teamwork as they work with each other and with families to make sure all children feel safe, welcome, and challenged. 

Janis Byrn
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