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Crothers is a NUT- and FISH-FREE school!  Please do not send any food items with nuts or fish to school with your child.  Thank you!
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Welcome to Title I Literacy

My name is Mrs. Livingston and I am the Instructional Coach and Title I Coordinator at Crothers Elementary School.  I work with students and teachers across all content areas to help them be the best learners they can be, but my favorite thing to do is to teach reading and writing!  
I hope the reading resources I have listed will help you with your reading and writing until we are back at school together. 
April 2021
Welcome to Spring at Crothers Elementary!  
We are starting off the season with Spring Break next week.  This is a great time to participate in the Crothers Spring Reading Challenge.  All you need to do is help your child continue to practice literacy skills over break by reading.  You can read to them, with them, or they can read to you!  Students who return their Spring Reading Challenge Form will be entered into a raffle for Barnes and Nobel gift cards after break.  Let's keep the March is Reading Month fun going!
Mrs. Livingston
Spring Title I and Read by Grade Three Information
This video will provide an overview of Title I programming at Crothers Elementary.  I will also provide information on Michigan's Read by Grade Three Law.
My email is 
January 2020
As students return to learning after the holiday break, they will be engaged in various mid-year assessments across several content areas.  Two of the literacy assessments that are given in January are NWEA and Fountas & Pinnell. 
Fountas and Pinnell Benchmarking involves the student reading a passage and the teacher listening and taking notes on what the student is doing well in reading and also areas to work on with that student.  There is also a comprehension conversation that happens to give the teacher information on how well the student is understanding that they are reading.  This assessment is used to design small group reading instruction and also individual literacy targets. It is conducted in this formal manner three times per year.
The NWEA Assessment is an adaptive computer based test that looks for growth over time in both reading and math.  This assessment is also given three times per year to all students. The NWEA is used as our Title I Screener to identify students who might benefit from additional support in reading. It also fulfills the requirement for a growth measure and can be used as an indicator of a students potential to pass the MSTEP.  Teachers use the specific academic data this assessment provides to design both whole and small group instruction in math and reading.
Both of these assessments provide teachers with valuable information to guide student learning.  Student results will be shared with parents at conferences in February.  
October 2020

Welcome back to students and parents to the 2020-2021 school year at Crothers Elementary!  The staff has been busy setting the stage for exciting learning experiences and achievement for all students.  The Crothers Title I Program is also getting ready to support students, staff, and parents this year.

Title I supports our school community in a variety of ways each school year.  Although the way services will be delivered may look different all aspects of the program will be in place.  First, reading intervention is provided by our Reading Specialist to primarily lower elementary students who have been identified through a screening assessment as needing additional support. Additionally, coaching is provided to teachers to help them deliver targeted literacy instruction to all students.  In working with both students and teachers, reading improvement and instruction for all grades is supported.

Finally, Title I supports the school community through evening events like Family Game Night, Reading Night and Panda Pride Night.  Title I also provides extra programming such as Math Pentathlon.  These additional programs provide Crothers’ Families opportunities for academic enrichment in a fun way.  

Crothers is proud to offer academic support and literacy programming to our students through Title I funding.  Once again, welcome to another great year, we are excited to continue learning with you and your child.

Mrs. Livingston

Title I Coordinator/Academic Coach

December 2020
The Holiday Break is almost here and this year it will be a chance for families to focus on activities that may not include school work or screen time.  I hope this year's break gives students and their families a much needed rest from daily stress.  
Even though break is only about a week away, I am strongly encouraging students to keep attending class and completing their work.  The end of the second card marking is only a few weeks away! Let's keep the learning moving and finish strong for the first semester.  If your child needs help completing assignments please contact the classroom teacher right away.  You can also contact me and I will help your child with any assignments that need completing.
Please feel free to contact me by email at:
Happy Holidays!
Mrs. Livingston
November 2020

Read at Home

Getting good at anything requires practice and reading is no different.  Students need to read nightly to continue to apply literacy skills learned at school and also to extend their learning.  This is why you should set time aside nightly or four to five times a week at a minimum for your child to read at home.  Your child should do some reading to you, with you and they can listen to you read to them also.  Listening to your child read and helping them with the tricky words is a great way to increase reading accuracy and fluency.  Reading and then talking about what was read is a great way to increase comprehension or the understanding of what was read. The key is have your child read for 15-20 minutes at home as often as you can to help them grow as readers.  

After reading together you can help your child do a retelling of a fiction story using the prompts below.

Tell who is in the story

What is the setting - where does the story take place.

What happens in the story?  What are the events or the problem and solution?

How does the story end?

After reading through an informational book you can use the prompts below to talk about what was read.

What is the topic or big idea of the text?

What did you learn about the topic?  

What did you already know and what is new information?

What was interesting about this topic?


RAZ Kids - Your child can continue to read books at their level until school resumes.

Reading Brain Website - This website features books you and your child can read online and fun reading games you can play together.

PBS Kids - Play reading games and listen to stories 

Readworks - This site provides reading passages for students in grades 3-5

Starfall - This is great place for K-2 students to work on basic reading skills

Khan Academy - Lessons across all content areas